Service Request Form

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My Bizzy friends at Copsey's are eager to schedule a visit, fill our this form to send the details or if you need immediate answers give 'em a buzzzz.

Please let us know any way we can assist you.We are eager help you succeed. You may reach us via email or call direct at 301-884-4408. NOTE: Service requests posted online MUST ALLOW 1 BUSINESS DAY for confirmation of an appointment. Please only post requests for appointments as few as three days in advance. If you need to see us within the next 72 hours (3 business days) please call us for immediate confirmation.

We do our best to reply within a single business day. If you do not hear a reply soon, please contact us. We're here to help.

Access Details

How your home and septic system are arranged will determine the equipment we must bring and how long we should allow for the service. Please answer the following questions to help us be well-prepared to serve you when we arrive. By Accessible we mean "not obstructed" and by Lid Exposed that means the tank lid is above ground and clearly visible and not grown over by brush or foliage.