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Nobody has been around more than my Bizzy friends at Copsey's and they know how Septic Works and what could make systems fail. Read and learn!

Don't let your Septic system be a mystery! Copsey's is eager to answer any questions you have about your septic system. If you don't see the answer to your questions here, use our contact form to ask, we'll BEE happy to answer any questions!

Q: How often should we pump our residential tank?
A: every 2-5 years based on amount of people in house, wash loads, age of system, thickness of sludge. Our professional service men will give you an honest estimate of frequency after evaluation. We also send/mail reminder cards every 2 years for your convenience

Q: We have an odor! is this a septic problem?
A: Typically not. If you do not see raw sewage either in the yard, tub, toilet or sink. The septic is usually not the problem. The vent pipes on the roof may be clogged with leaves or bird debris. If you don't use those specific drains that the odor is coming from, they could also have dried - out causing smell.

Q: How do I know where my septic is located?
A: The best suggestion is to contact the local Health Department Environmental Division to obtain a copy of the plot from the inspection at installation. Some homes may have a white pvc pipe sticking up in the yard, or a concrete square or round lid. Newer homes commonly have a pipe sticking up, but that may only be a snake (metal apparatus used to unclog drains) access. We cannot pump from this pipe. The best cleaning comes from digging the larger 2-foot diameter lids, whether square or round.

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